Urban Spa is a pop-up inflatable spa by Harm Rensink

by Gareth Mankoo

The urban dweller needs something that doesn’t eat up space, takes you to another world with experiences and sets a new benchmark for you. That’s what makes Harm Rensink’s brand new idea of a Pop-up Inflatable Spa called ‘Urban Spa’ a great concept. It can be placed indoor or outdoors and provides the warmth one would seek from a spa, no matter what the weather outside. Basically a translucent plastic bubble filled with steam, this idea of a capsule luxury extension to the spoils that money can buy will make it well into the urban heartland.

The Urban Spa was on display at the last Dutch Design Week, where visitors could reserve a spot at the end of each day during the festival. The designer added spice to it by offering a fluffy bath robe in the spa, which was placed besides a changing room. Tranquility can after all come in a nutshell.

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