Two new Denon Home Theater Systems raise the ‘bar’

by Gareth Mankoo

Denon has prepared plans to launch two new Home Theatre Surround Systems. The DHT-S313 and the DHT-S413 will come in with the best utility one can expect from this genre of entertainment systems. The key differentiator in both the systems is the output amp and the size of the body. The DTH-S313 will be a perfect add-on to a 32-inch TV and will pump out a maximum output of 20W x3 from the front speakers and 20W from the subwoofer. In case of the DTH-S413, which is made primarily for screens of 40 inches or more, the front speakers will churn out 25W x3 while the subwoofer does 25W. Both will come with Dolby Virtual Speaker surround, Dolby Pro Logic II and HDMI. They also add Dolby Digital and DTS support, PCM audio for Blu-ray and a surround switch with 5 modes that are tuned to genre-specific sounds. This function will only work with Toshiba or Hitachi attachments.

The DHT-S313 will cost 35,000 Yen ($445) and the DHT-S413 will cost 45,000 Yen ($573). There’s no news on whether these will head stateside. But if they do, you’d get them in the ‘black’ color that they’re solely available in.


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