Trailing someone using cellphones costs cops 0.15 percent of the usual price

by Gareth Mankoo

Law enforcement budgets are always strained. So spending $275 an hour for a covert pursuit is often quite a blow the police force endure, each time they tail someone. What is needed is something simpler, more straight forward and just as effective. A bunch of researchers have discovered that tracking and trailing folk using cellphones is the most cost-effective means, ever. A paper published in the Yale Law Journal had researchers Akshan Soltani and Kevin Bankston calculate the per-hour law enforcement costs of tracking a persons location. They explored means such as GPS device tracking, beeper/IMSI catcher, covert pursuit and cellphones.

The results are startling. In the comparison done from foot patrol units to GPS-enabled surveillance systems. Cellphone tracking uses a mere $5.21 per hour while GPS would cost $10 per hour and Beepers would set the cops back by $113.33 per hour.

[Via – Textually]

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