Toyota i-ROAD three-wheeled concept may be an electric auto-rickshaw

by Gareth Mankoo

The fascination of three-wheeled cars have often been buried under their tendency of remaining perpetual concepts. It’s a pity when the mass market doesn’t grab the likes of these – because wouldn’t it be awesome to have one less wheel to service? However, the fine folk in India love their tuk-tuks and so do the folk at Toyota who have created the i-ROAD concept all-electric three-wheeled trike that will most likely be the real eye-catcher at the Geneva Motor Show. The two-seater vehicle will offer lower running costs, comfortable parking and maneuverability that any two-wheeler would. It can go 30 miles on a single charge and leverage the ‘Active Lean’ technology, for a safer, more enjoyable drive (or ride?).

The Toyota i-ROAD thus offers the snug comfort of a two-wheeler while at the same time ensuring better safety, being covered. We’re hoping that such innovative wheels make it to the consumer market more sooner than later. That could settle the soaring fuel price problems and give many-a-couple the delight of an eco-friendly evening ride.


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