TouchBase develops business card with Data Transferring Paper

by Gareth Mankoo

There’s never a wrong time to invent. And while many businesses are almost completely substituting good old paperback business cards with snazzy virtual cards, there’s always the desire to touch. This could be quenched with the cool Data-Transferring Paper-based Business Card from TouchBase Technologies. The cards are embedded with a material that folls smartphone screens into believing that they are finger touches. This acts as the filtration key of the user and allows instant download of contact information from the cloud. All one has to do is tap the card and be instantly connected with a contact via phone or social channels. The Cloud-based profile also facilitates data transfer by uploading and sharing brochures, videos, photos, and other information.

The card acts as a cool CRM tool that allows users to see who tapped their card. It’s a great CRM tool as well! For now, it is only limited to the iPhone 5 and above but hopefully, we will find its use on other platforms as well.


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