Touch screen Coke vending machine by Sapient

by shilpa

The coolest thing has been discovered… the coolest thing after touch screen computing that is. A touch screen Coke vending machine by Sapient will soon be out in the US, more specifically in the long list of malls under the Simon Property Group. Aside from the itching fact that with technology grows a high range of lethargic options, the fact remains that it is still going to be cool pressing at a screen and getting a chilled drink to quench your thirst. The machine will have a screen on the front and the interface will be touch, select, spin to check ingredients if you want and then click to collect. What is even cool is that this machine accepts cash AND plastic and that is good news to those who curse an innocent vending machine every time it gobbles one of their hard-earned pennies.

The product will be out in the US sooner than the rest of the world namely Europe and UK which will only get to have a ‘touch’ of comfort by next year.

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