Top 5 Wackiest robots from Robo One

by Dhiram Shah

Here are the top 5 wacky entrants at the 12th annual Robo-One Grand Championship held at Tokyo.
No 5 – Underwater robot
Developed by the University of Electronic Communication Shimojo the underwater robot is made from MFC (Macro Fiber composite) which is extremely lightweight and durable. The robot moves like an insect in the water by flapping the tail rapidly.
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No 4 – Strawberry picking robot
Developed by Ozaki Isao here is one of the few agricultural robots, this one stands 120 cms tall the same as a strawberry plant and can pick out the best strawberry’s for you. The robot has a three axil direct arm with a camera attached on to it. The camera looks for the most ripe and perfect strawberry’s and guides the arm to pluck without damaging the fruit.

No 3 – Spherical camera
Developed by Tokyo Denki university the sphere camera is very unique. You program it to look at 45 degrees and even after rolling it the camera will point at the same angle. It calculates the speed and rotation and adjusts the camera accordingly.

No 2 – Comet IV
Developed by Chiba university this behemoth has six walking legs and is designed for field wave research. Not much information is known for now. Cover it up with kevlar, add a gatling gun a few missiles and it is ready to wreck havoc in the battlefield.

No 1 – Screw snake robot
Developed by the University of Matsumo the screw snake robot is powered by a unique screw propulsion mechanism. The future version will have more joints and will be remote controlled.

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