Top 4 reasons you should opt for a VPN service

by dhiram

Although a free vpn service may seem like a workable option to many, it should be noted that it often comes with several limitations. None of the free VPN services can provide you the kind of protection offered by their paid counterparts. Let’s take you through 4 good reasons why you should opt for a paid VPN service instead.

To anonymise yourself and to hide your actual IP address
Majority of the people are unaware that each one of their devices connected to the Internet is allocated an identifiable IP address. Hackers and antisocial elements can not only learn about your location through these IP addresses, but can also gain a lot more information about you. They can easily trace back your blog comments, Internet history, online searches, torrent downloads etc. by using this information. An efficient and paid VPN service can provide you with a replacement of your current IP address, offering a secure connection to its servers, and encrypting all your online activities.

To guard your personal data from hacking attempts
With computers becoming a permanent fixture in our day-to-day lives, we have started trusting technology even with our most personal and sensitive information these days. However, the massive convenience provided by the Internet comes at a cost, and sometimes that cost can be in the form of a threat to your personal data. Every time you transact on the Internet at banking websites, entertainment portals or social media platforms, you expose yourself to potential hacking attempts. Using a paid VPN service can encrypt your web sessions and keep your activities hidden from the spying eyes. No one would be able to steal your data or snoop on your daily internet activities.

To unblock restricted content
If you think that your workplace or school is pretty strict regarding its Wi-Fi policies, try talking to someone living in China! A good number of countries world over impose serious Internet censorship. They block and filter websites for religious and/or political reasons. Even the most popular portals like Google, Twitter, Facebook etc. are blocked in many countries. Using an efficient VPN service, you can easily bypass any such Internet restriction, and access the impacted portals through a VPN server. So, if you visit China, you could still log onto Facebook through a VPN service, through an IP address of your native country.

To save yourself from the snooping big brother!
If the news stories that come up every now and then are to be believed, it is evident that everyone ranging from a local spy agency to your Internet Service Provider, maybe recording your Internet browsing sessions, live chats, emails etc. for various purposes. Considering how easily these privacy violations are happening, encryption seems to be the only way out. When you encrypt your Internet activities with a VPN service, you can be sure that no one including the Big Brother is able to spy on you.

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