Tokyoflash Japan unveils the futuristically wooden Kisai Space Digits watch

by Gavril Mankoo

Sincerely, we’ve never seen a wrist watch that manages to mash up the brilliance of the future and the elegance of the days gone by as well as this swanky new wrist piece by Tokyoflash Japan called the Kisai Space Digits watch. This LCD watch, unlike many of its peers out there, doesn’t rely on plastic, steel and rubber for its shell and is instead made of hard wood! The watch boasts an extremely futuristic time display framed by a dual-layered laminated hardwood case and the date and time on this watch are easy to read and comprehend with a single look.

Apart from functioning as a regular watch and displaying the time and date, this contraption by Tokyoflash Japan also sports a built-in alarm that makes sure you stay well in synch with the minutes passing by, an EL backlight and a custom designed animation that sends the display into a frenzy every 15 minutes. Available in two styles, red and dark sandalwood with a green LCD and maple and red sandalwood with a gold LCD, this watch will be produced only in limited quantities, as is the case with most of Tokyoflash’s creations, making it absolutely unique. Each watch is priced at just $99.

[Via – Tokyoflash]

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