Tokyo Cafe has Androids dressed as pretty nurses to nurse your modern fantasies

by Gareth Mankoo

It’s truly amazing to walk down that streets of Tokyo. By day they are buzzing with folks in formal attire, sweating it out to meet the high work-standards that are respected and appreciated in Japan but by night, it’s time to unwind. So where we would recommend you to head to should Akasaka’s Android Idol Caffe. It has a pretty cool ambiance at first sight but then where it really takes the cake is the presence of attractive waitresses, draped and looking like ‘sexy maids’ but who are actually Android Idols. The brainchild of a young genius has enhanced the experience for those who indulge in geek fantasies of the woman-kind. Over time, the Androidols will go from interacting and talking to you to develop feelings and portray emotions. Currently they may seem too stone-faced for some demanding folk. Customers can load their Androidols with options such as singing karaoke on the in-café stage and heaven knows what else.

The owner of the cafe was quoted saying, “I want to spread this kind of “nurturing-type” girls café to the world. The foreigners who come to Akihabara are all tourists, but Akasaka is a global business hub. I thought that by establishing the shop here, we might be able to appeal to foreign business men.” Interesting. The best part is that these sweethearts wouldn’t take offense to your lewd behaviour once you’re high in spirits.




Address: Tokyo, Minato-ku, Akasaka 3-17-1 KDG Building 1F
Open: Monday-Thursday, Sunday 5 p.m.~midnight, Friday & Saturday 5 p.m.~4 a.m., 365 days a year

[Via – Rocketnews24]

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