CES 2014: Eye-tracking games on PC? Tobii makes it true

by Gareth Mankoo

Swedish company Tobii are well known for a number of eye-tracking innovations they have brought forth in recent years. At CES, they took another giant leap in the field of specialization with the inclusion of an all new eye-tracking sensor. In partnership with peripheral company SteelSeries, they have conjured up a device that can be accommodated on either the top or bottom of your TV screen, horizontally. Fitted with a camera and three infrared lights, the system follows your eye movements as you game and offers assistance along the way. The horizontal device resembles a Wii controller and is most likely inspired by motion-controlled gaming.

The controller is expected to launch this summer with approximately 100 supported games in tow. Currently, the sensor can be pre-ordered at $95.

[Via – Intomobile]

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