Tiny table top speaker uses SurfaceSound technology to bust out tunes

by Shayne Rana

The mobile and portable media environment has tons of accessories to choose from. Some are very conveniently designed to be portable and some to be extremely portable. Like this for example, Japan’s Entisu Corporation’s “Tunebug Vibe” mini speaker that uses Britain’s NXT SurfaceSound technology to provide external audio to media devices for sharing music with those around. The tiny palm sized speaker can be placed on any flat surface when hooked up to an audio device via the audio out (3.5mm) port and the sound vibrations are converted into input which creates 360 degrees audio. It has a built-in 0.72W amp and a lithium polymer battery that can be charged via a USB charger and is capable of dishing out tunes for up to 5 hours or so on a single charge. It’s packed into a small, rather nifty looking silver casing with a power button on the top and weighs in at about 150g. I can finally say I have music in the palm of my hand.

AV Watch

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