The tiny and rugged Polaroid Cube records videos at 1080p!

by Gavril Mankoo

Given the fact that we, human beings, are constantly on the move, trying to experience and conquer more terrain on a daily basis, we’re also constantly looking for new fool-proof ways to record our bizarre adventures. Keeping that, and the fact that cameras aren’t the most rugged electronics around, in mind, Polaroid has come up with this “ultra-rugged” cube camera that’ll slip into your pocket, shoot videos at high definition and withstand dust and water. Unveiled at the CES 2014, the new Polaroid Cube measures less than 2 square inches and shoots full 1080p HD videos.

The camera comes with a 124-degree, wide-angle lens for dynamic action shots and has all of its wizardry packed in a durable outer casing. The casing makes sure that the camera is shock-proof and water-resistant, enabling users to carry it just about everywhere they need! And that’s not all. To make things easier for users, Polaroid has also embedded the camera’s surface with magnets, enabling you to hook this one on to metal surfaces with ease. The Polaroid Cube is priced at just $100 and features a 6MP camera sensor for photography, a built-in battery that records up to 90 minutes, microSD port for up to 32GB of storage as well as a USB charger.

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