ThoughtSafe USB Flash drive with encryption for teens

by Dhiram Shah

Personal diaries are a thing of the past with the Thoughtsafe USB Flash drive. The main criteria girls have for their personal diaries is absolute privacy and the Thoughtsafe gives just that with PKI-based hardware encryption. Besides the encryption it comes with Thoughtsafe’s own MSN Messenger interface, an electronics diary reminiscent to a blog, Photo album, address book etc. In addition to this teens can sign up with Infobar a subscription service which provides daily updates to celebrity profiles, birthdays, gossip, horoscope and so on. It also includes an Eyes off button which when pressed instantly closes the diary to keep off prying eyes. You can also take secure back up of your data.

The 128 MB ThoughtSafe USB Flash is available in pretty pink for $59.95 AUD ($ 45).
Via – EverythingUSB

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