ThinkGeek unleashes geeky booties that make your feet sound like a robot!

by Gavril Mankoo

Nearly all of us have had that phase in our life when we dearly wished to be a robot, despite the fact that robots have no mind of their own, yet, and that they’re quite heartless. Well, here’s an amazingly inexpensive way to turn yourself into a human-droid, without painful surgeries and without having to wait for the future. Developed by ThinkGeek, this exclusive pair of robot shoes make you sound like a robot, every time you walk around! Complete with the traditional robot whirring sound that you probably might have heard when C-3PO walks around, these shoes are quite snazzy and fashionable if you’d ask us.

Despite the fact that they do look a little like geeky baby booties, we love this ThinkGeek enough to reach for our credit-cards, right at this moment. Made from 100% polyester, these require 4 AA batteries to function well. Also, these robotic booties are washable and we advise you to pull out the batteries first, before dumping them in the washing machine. The one-size-nearly-fits-all booties can be used by men with feet measuring up to U.S. Men’s 12 (Ladies’ 14). The booties have a dotted bottom, keeping your from slipping on smooth surfaces and landing on your robotic face. Hit the link below for more while we go buy one for ourselves.

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