The Star Trek Salt and Pepper Shaker Set, an inter-galactic dash of seasoning to your food

by Gavril Mankoo

Salt and pepper shakers have always been limited to our table tops. Not too many of them fight epic space-wars or roam the galaxies. This Star Trek Salt and Pepper Shaker Set just landed on our table, ceramic versions of the U.S.S. Enterprise and Shuttle. It seems unfair however, to expect too much of detailing done on this version of the Enterprise and Shuttle, given that they’re made of ceramic, are meant for table-use and not a showcase, and cost just $14.99 at Star Trek Store. The Shuttle and the Enterprise stick together with the use of magnets and separate easily when needed, to add that extra punch of seasoning to your food.

Scheduled to begin shipping on June 2, 2011, these sure beat the fire hydrant-shaped cliché salt and pepper shakers that most of us use while dining.

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