The Mousetrapper relieves Repetitive Strain Injury and typing stress

by Dhiram Shah

This something meant for people belonging to my community! Calling all bloggers and others who spend endless hours with their fingers flying across the keyboard at the speed of light! The Mousetrapper is something that attaches itself to keyboard. An ‘ergonomically designed, multi-dimensional, steering pad integrated into a cushioned wrist support area which attaches to the user’s keyboard causing normal mouse functions to be performed with your hands positioned comfortably over the Home Keys.’ I’m sold on the idea, and would love to get this one as it promises to prevent/relieve users from getting Repetitive Strain Injury and typing stress. It connects to the PC via a USB port and is good for both right handed and left handed people

Fingertip mouse operation sounds like a cool prospect, and what’s more you can fit to the comp in mere 10 seconds!

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