The Lighted Billiard Balls Blaze across the table

by yogesh

Setting up an apartment with a Billiards table is such a cool thing, but if you were to add something funky as the Lighted Billiard Balls, then the room is set! The set consists of regulation-size and weight (5 1/4 oz.) billiard balls that illuminate and flash for two seconds upon impact with the cue ball, other balls, or the rail, creating a streak of light. Each ball has four integrated LEDs that are powered by a battery that provides up to 50,000 flashes per ball. Lighted action that cuts across the table!

The Lighted Billiard Balls are made of acrylic and coated with a tough, clear polymer finish, and come in a solid oak storage case lined with cushioned compartments. It meets U.S. Federal toy safety standards for lead. Get your box from Hammacher for $199.95.

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