The Helmet MP3 player

by Dhiram Shah

Excited about getting back to school? Want some cool stuff to add to your look? Earn some brownie points too on the way, by showing support for your college team. All this and more can be got from the Helmet MP3 player. It won’t save your skull, but it sure will belt out the good music with style. The new DAP in town is decorated exactly like a mini football helmet. And old player in the field (with the PEZ MP3 player) the Helmet MP3 sports 1GB of storage, a two-color OLED, and an FM tuner, and features the logo of one of almost 50 major collegiate teams. A convenient belt clip ensures that your school patriotism is on display for all to see. It is priced exactly the same as the 512MB, screen less PEZ model.

The Helmet MP3 player costs $100.

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