Thanko Vonia waterproof bone conduction headband

by Dhiram Shah

After Bone conduction headphones Thanko Japan is out with the Vonia bone conduction headband. Just wear the headband, hook up your MP3 player and your favourite tracks are delivered directly to the brain, it works by sending out vibrations to which are picked up by the auditory nerve. So you wont damage your ears even if you listen Iron Maiden on full volume and as your ears exposed when listening to music you can still listen your mobile phone ring. The headband is waterproof so you need not worry about it during long jogging season. It has a pocket which can accomodate the iPod Shuffle or something similar in size, once packed in you can take a dive in the pool too while listening to music.

Thanko Vonia weighs 75 grams and is available in Japan for 9800 Yen ($ 85).

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