TempoHousing builds up-market houses in freight containers

by radhika

The very thought of living in a container puts you in the mindset of a down-trodden destitute that cant afford to rent a flat. But this conception is about to go under drastic changes. The Dutch company TempoHousing has a novel way of recycling unused containers in the form of houses that are not only hip and classy but also functional. The standard dimensions are 40’ x 8’ x 8’6’, the containers can be stacked (a monstrous 8,000 can fit on a large ship) and transported anywhere in the world via water, rail or road. Each 332.9 square foot unit is equipped with standard apartment amenities like kitchen, bathroom with hot water (through a 13.2 gallon boiler), heating (from dual units, one at each end), electrical wiring and some even have a bonus balcony included. Some containers also have windows on the side and air conditioning is available for an additional charge. The special roof provides efficient rainwater drainage, insulation and ventilation.

The bathrooms measure almost 26 square foot and contain a special anti-slip floor with an integrated shower base. The doors are fitted with anti-theft hinges and heavy-duty locks, plus the double-glazed U-value windows are equipped with fall-through safety. Plus there are smoke detectors. Stack them up in a block or keep it as a stand-alone unit, as a block, the containers can enjoy centralized electricity, phone and Internet systems. The whole TempoHousing set-up is entirely portable.

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