Suspicious phone image hints at possible LG Nexus attempt

by Gareth Mankoo

The rumor mills are working overtime now that word of new Nexus phones is out. We’re looking at what could probably be the next LG Nexus. XDA Forum members have their way of getting to know things sooner. So we’re not all that impressed with the sighting of what is touted to be the LG Nexus. It may look like the Optimus G but a 4.7-inch display doesn’t seem to likely, prima facie. However, the About Page of the phone does reveal ‘Fully JellyBean on Mako’.

To back the theory up, the images also show marks on the phone, including shark that talks about the T-Mobile G1 era. The FCC test images also hint of one E960 that could easily be the LG Nexus phone.


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