Super Mario Chess set has real game characters

by Gareth Mankoo

If you like chess and enjoy playing Super Mario as well, then here’s a double treat for you. This cool chess set has all the characters of the game, both good and bad, fighting over the battle of wits rather than reflexes. The good guys with Mario as their leader form the reds while all the little chaps who swallowed your points while playing the game form the league of villains in green. The set brags about being the first ever Nintendo approved chess set. Now that’s going to put that knowing smiles on your face.

Here’s the casting of the Super Mario Chess set (some surprises in store): Mario (king), Luigi (queen), Princess Peach (bishop), Princess Daisy (bishop), Yoshi (knight), Toad (rook), Coin (pawn), Bowser (king), Bowser Jr. (queen), Magikoopa (bishop), Birdo (knight), Goomba (rook), and Koopa Shell (pawn). The Super Mario Chess set retails for $40.

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