Super Mario-themed subway map adds a grain of joy to shallow city travels

by Gareth Mankoo

There’s so much we look forward to when we set out to work every day. Most of it is at the destination and not during the journey to work, which is often perceived as time wasted. Robert Bacon has designed a cool map/poster for Ript that changes the way we look at the regular routes taken to commute daily. The Super Mario World-style MTA map is available in two sizes and is also available for other epic cult games. These include Zelda and Donkey Kong.

If you head to the store page it would say that it’s sold out but they apparently are still in stock. “They’re having a problem because so many people are ordering them,” writes Bacon. “We still have posters, but the page just needs to be updated.” The 18×24 inch one costs $25 while the 24×32 inch variant retails for $45.



[Via – Wired]

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