Steve Jobs figurine creates buzz in toy world, leaves Apple frowning

by Gavril Mankoo

Steve Jobs sure as hell has a bunch of fans who’ve been left dazed by the ingenious gadgetry he has brought out into the world, under his brand name, Apple. And if you’ve been worshipping the Apple alter for quite a while now; we’ve just come across a statue that you could add on to it, perfectly detailed and good enough to be prayed to. This Steve Jobs figurine has showed up on a bunch of toy blogs and forums recently, and Apple is still looking out for its maker, to spend some quality time in court with. Until Apple gets wind of who’s manufacturing these and finally sues, you could still pick up one of these beautifully designed and cleverly detailed figurines that come complete with a toy Mac Book, an iPhone 4, an iPad 2, a desk, a chair and a Magic House and Keyboard too!

For all this, you’d probably need to shell out a good $160 or probably more if it finally gets banned. To us, this figurine seems a bit too good to be sued for, an we pretty much hope Apple softens up a bit, and lets it end up on store shelves.

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