Star Wars official shirt-line is a step away from contemporary fashion, literally

by Gavril Mankoo

We’ve always been fans of the Star Wars franchise and more often than not, merchandise of the same has left us wide-eyed and drooling in our laps. This time around though, we’ve stumbled across what could pretty much be hailed as the Ugliest Star Wars Merchandise ever sold, hailing from the stables of Tokyo/Paris based Comme des Garçon. This line of licensed Star Wars apparel includes shirts with the names of character names and the like scrawled all over that we wouldn’t wish to be caught dead in. priced at a whopping $350 a piece, these shirts are a fashion disaster to say the least and we’d rather use that very precise sum of money to pick out better and more tasteful merchandise like the R2D2 Money Box, the LightSaber Book Stand or the Storm Trooper sneakers!

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