Stalk a deer, get a prison treat in Kansas

by Gareth Mankoo

Gone are the days of the vile terrorists and dictators who have been put to their graves by our righteous governance. Now that the bad guys are too few it’s time we start churning out new bad guys or making good guys bad so we can screw them over. How about deer hunters (read: enthusiasts). Kansas wildlife officials are making it known to innocent hunters that it is against the law to exchange text messages on the whereabouts of deer. The San Francisco Chronicle report excerpt (after the jump) will surprise you or at least bring a smile to your sullen face. There’s never something funnier deer-huggers.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports, ‘The Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism says the law has been around in various forms for years.Officials say hunters are probably aware that they can’t use two-way radios to give other hunters a heads-up about the location of a game animal moving in their direction. But that law, which prohibits the use of a radio or other mechanical device, includes cellphones.’


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