Sony’s coming up with a Selfie Camera shaped like a Perfume Bottle

by Shruti Shree

Whether you like it or not, selfies are here to stay. Keeping Selfie lovers in mind, Sony seems to be making a camera designed mainly for just taking selfies! This selfie camera not only has a very unusual but beautiful shape of a perfume bottle, and also offers some decent specs to go along with the glam look. The compact, slim line selfie camera will be equipped with an Exmor RS Sensor of 1*2.3 inches which by the way, is pretty impressive for a selfie camera. It will have a Dual Conversion Sony G Lens and Optical Image Stabilization. The display will be a good 3 inches and it will have a meagre weight of 136 grams (with battery and card), and can be flipped around to take pictures. It will also have WiFi, NFC and app compatibility so that you can upload your pictures on the web in a jiffy.

Looks like Sony’s inspiration behind the odd design is a phone cover which is shaped like a Chanel perfume bottle. The perfume bottle cover had become a rage among Chinese girls and some news leaks suggest that the selfie camera has already been dished to some Chinese celebrities and models. The selfie camera is all set to be launched on 22nd of August. For all the narcissists who can’t get tired of clicking a picture of themselves, this selfie camera can be a good investment, but for the rest of us who already have a very good front facing camera in our mobile phones, it doesn’t look so enticing.


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