Sony Vaio 10 years and counting

by Dhiram Shah

When it comes to styling the only thing that comes close to a Mac is the Sony Vaio which is over 10 years old now. To commemorate the 10th anniversary Sony has set up a small exhibition of past Vaio models at its posh Ginza headquarters in Tokyo.
The Vaio 505 (Pictured above) was the first notebook by Sony introduced in November 1997. The Intel Inside MMX logo does bring back old memories.

The PCV-T desktop which went on sale in July 1997.

The PCV-M introduced in March 97 was more of a multimedia powerhouse with a CD changer and MD (Mini disc) slot.

The C1 Mini notebook introduced in May 1998 was the first to incorporate a webcam. The C1 was on my wishlist for quite some time and was the coolest looking notebook back then.

Vaio L series came in March 1999, the first slim desktop from the company.

The R series made a debut in June 99 and was built for video editing. It featured TV recording and came with iLink or Firewire (IEEE 1394).

The Vaio XR was Sony’s flagship laptop back when introduced in August 1999. It featured an intercooler system to keep it cool and stainless steel locking mechanism.

Wow, I am seeing the GT series for the first time, the notebook is integrated with a video camera for on the fly editing. It hit the stores in November 2000.

The MX series made debut in February 2000, it featured MD deck, built in amplifier and was bundled with powerful speakers.

The RX series was the first desktop with a DVD-R when introduced in May 2001.

The W series was a super compact desktop and came with a folding keyboard. It made debut in May 2002.

Z series notebook came in March 2003 with a unique form factor and packed in Intel Centrino.

U series notebook came with Wi-Fi, Intel Celeron and Mobility Radeon for graphics in May 2003.

The X505 redefined lightweight computing with its carbon composite body. It made debut in December 2003.

The X series desktop was more like a media archiver as it could store a weeks TV programming. It was introduced in November 2004.

The Vaio U series was the smallest Windows computer of its time, it featured a sliding keyboard.

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