Sony Ericsson T903, P912, P905, P902 Retro and W905 are all concept phones

by radhika

J. Havarlant is a designer who dedicates all his energies towards churning out sexy Sony Ericsson concept phones. His feast for Christmas includes a slew of SE designs in the T, P and W series. Getting details on these phones is a bit tricky but we can state the evident. Lets start with the T903 Rugya. This one is a sleek slider with red highlights. It sports a 8.1- megapixel camera and is inspired by the gorgeous Rugya car. The P912 boasts of a single large screen with only two buttons on the face. What makes the touchscreen P905 very interesting is that it proposes an Android platform, looks like a smooth iPhone but hosts a side-slider QWERTY keyboard.

Besides a huge touchscreen, there is nothing much to write about the SE P902 Retro. However the musically inclined will appreciate the W905, which is a Walkman phone. Sporting a large Slider screen, it also has a 5.0-megapixel camera and quick easy-access buttons on the side. Wish we had more details on these awesome phones, but since they are concepts, there’s no stopping our imaginations…we can wish for what we want!
Via – Designlaunches

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