Sony Bravia Theatre integrated TV stand for clutter-free existence

by yogesh

The RHT-G500 is a Sony Bravia Theatre integrated TV stand that offers stylish and elegant “clean living” solution. It has been designed keeping the 32-40 ” TV in mind. The most remarkable feature of this stand is that it features advanced signal processing technology thus producing amazing sound effects. It uses a 3.1-channel sound system, with center, left and right speakers and subwoofer built into the TV stand. With the help of S-Force PRO Front Surround technology it can create superb virtual surround sound without any rear speakers. The obvious Bravia Sync is there for one-button operation of a complete system. The HDMI connections are compatible with the latest HD TV formats.

The RHT-G500 also allows hooks on portable players, Bluetooth devices and even a WiFi network. No word on pricing and availability as yet.

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