Sony bottles up its new Walkman to showcase its underwater capability

by Sayan Chakravarty

For a product to be successful, it has to have a strong marketing campaign which can click instantly making ripples in the market. And Sony knows exactly how to market their new waterproof Walkman. Sony along with their ad agency DraftFCB have devised quite a unique and quirky way to sell their swimming pool-friendly MP3 player by coming up with one of the most innovative product packaging we have seen in a while to capture the attention of target audience. To showcase the waterproof function of the music player even before the customer has purchased it, Sony has packaged the Walkman immersed in a bottle of water. They call it the Bottled Walkman.

But it doesn’t end there; to sell their Bottled Walkman, Sony has commissioned special vending machines at gyms and pools to sell the music player to the intended audience and make the task as simple as picking up a bottle of water. The innovative marketing campaign has already caught the attention of the buyers and media and we must say the execution of the plan has been done quite nicely. Check out the promo video of the Bottled Walkman after the jump.

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