Sony announces SD cards with backup to auto update files to and from your PC

by Shayne Rana

Memory cards have been getting smarter all the time. From WIFI enabled SDHC cards from Eye-Fi to the addition of GPS enabled chips as well in the form of the Eye-Fi Geo X2, things are only getting more advanced. The latest is from Sony who have taken what we’ve already seen in external Hard Drives and incorporated it into a memory card i.e. auto data backup capabilities. Their Backup SD card comes with corresponding software that does exactly what the name implies. It syncs with the card each time it’s plugged in to the PC either through a card reader or a device it’s hooked up to and saves the data on your PC. It also works in the reverse direction by updating files on the PC’s folder to the card. The software and Sony’s Backup SD Card are compatible with Windows XP (SP3 or later) / Vista (SP2 or later), Windows 7 and 8. The cards are available in three capacities – 16GB priced at $38 (3800 YEN), 32GB for $65 (6500 YEN) and the 64GB edition for $140 (14,000 YEN).

[Via – Itmedia]

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