Sonic EyeTV 250 TV Tuner for Mac

by Dhiram Shah

From Sonic Japan comes the EyeTV 250 a TV tuner for you Mac which resembles the Mac-Mini. It comes with a built in analog tuner and connects to the host via USB 2.0 and allows you to view television on the Mac and record your favourite programs as well. It also supports iEPG (Internet Electronic Program Guide) using which you can program the recording from the website itself. The EyeTV 250 supports hardware encoding using which it records the program in real time in MPEG 1 / MPEG 2 format without additional load on the CPU. Using the supplied software with one click you can convert the recorded programmes to MPEG-4 format for playback on the iPod Video. The EyeTV 250 comes bundled with Toast 7 Titanium for CD / DVD burning.

The Sonic EyeTV 250 measures 64×104×29mm and weighs 130 grams and comes with a remote control. It will be available in Japan from Oct 6th for 29,900 Yen ($ 255).

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