Snoop Dogg collaborates with Kidrobot for a smokin’ action figure, literally

by Gavril Mankoo

When a rap star and a toy company join hands, the result is bound to be something so amusingly cool, it’ll make you run for your credit card instantly. Snoop Dogg, also known to be the tallest and the drowsiest rapper in the world, recently had a gangsta-like handshake with toy manufacturer Kid Robot. Together, the rapper and the company pulled out this limited edition Snoop Dogg art-toy-action-figure. The figure is modelled after Snoop’s 1993 and stands 7 inches tall (given that a life-sized figurine probably wouldn’t fit in your living room anyways). Complete with braids, shades as well as a blunt, that you obviously shouldn’t try smoking, this figurine is seriously tha shiznit.

Quoting Galen McKamy, Creative Director Kidrobot, “The collaboration between Snoop and Kidrobot was a very special opportunity to produce a piece that is both progressive and nostalgic at the same time. Everyone knows and understands the impact that Snoop has had on hip-hop and culture. We work best with projects that have a story behind the end result. Creating this figure, which coincides with the 20th Anniversary of Snoop Dogg’s debut album Doggystyle, gives it that exclusive rareness that Kidrobot is known for.” Have you begun reaching out for your credit card already?

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