Smart Dog Leash carries poop bags, treats and even flashlight!

by Gareth Mankoo

Not all dogs like travelling light. Sometimes, they throw up a fit and tantrum in the middle of the park. So, as all seasoned dog owners will agree, it’s advisable to carry a few ‘distractions’ and ‘rewards’ along, each time you take your little pooch for a stroll. Then again, you have a real problem juggling all the canine goodies with the leash. It’s advisable to settle for the Smart Dog Leash. This cool leash holds poop bags, treats, a water dish and a flashlight (in case he wanders into an enchanted forest). The leash on this one is retractable and comes with an ergonomic handle. A watch/timer on the handle lets you know how long you’ve been out.

It’s all so interesting to take your dog out and have one hand completely free to do your own dirty business. Unfortunately, the leash has been developed for only small to medium dogs.



[Via – Dornob]

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