Simple hand gestures to control your TV

by Dhiram Shah

Australian scientists have reportedly come up with a box that lets television viewers change channels, switch on the DVD player or switch off an irritating presenter with the wave of a hand. The controller has a built in camera which can recognize simple hand gestures and work with up to eight different gadgets around the home. The wave-controller is developed by Australian engineers Dr Prashan Premaratne and Quang Nguyen, who predict its availability on the market within three years. The device is designed to sit on a shelf or table which has a clear line of sight to the television and the owner, its software recognises simple, deliberate hand gestures and then sends the appropriate signal to a universal remote control, designed to work with most makes of television, video recorder, DVD player, hi-fi and digital set-top box. A clenched fist means “start”, an outstretched hand with closed fingers means “power on”, a thumbs-up sign means “up” and a sideways victory sign means “channel”.

And yes, the software can distinguish between real commands and unintentional gestures. The team has started work on making the gadget small enough to be built in to televisions or other devices. They also want to adapt it for use with computer games consoles.
Via – ANI

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