Simon Woodroffe creates four-in-one flat within 80 sq. m

by Gareth Mankoo

There’s no end to innovations in the space-packed society we live in. This has inspired a number of tangible ideas that can greatly improve the living conditions and comfort levels of citizens. Former Drangon’ Den star has just designed the Yo! Home prototype. This 80 sq. m concept packs a master bedroom suite, second bedroom, a sunken sitting room, cinema, dining room, office, full-size kitchen, breakfast room, bathroom, party room and even a wine cellar, all laid our generously and space-conciously. Twelve moving parts make the magic happen (as you will see in the video). His experiences include rock show stage designing and a life on a yatch.

There’s scope for further improvement from Simon. He says, ‘More high-tech elements, such as sensors and electronics, will make the concept easy to use and family-proof.’ The best part is that Woodroffe wants this to be a more affordable venture than Dragon’s Den.

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