Saucy Puddingmedia gets tart and sends unsolicited ads

by radhika

Another way to bug you out of your wits has just been devised. The plan goes this way: you call via your Internet phone and this slimy software tries to figure out what you are saying and bombards you with a barrage of ads and links. So if you were proposing to your girlfriend over the phone, the software sends you ads and links for the nearest wedding planers, caterers and of course the nearest jewelers store for both of you to pick out a ring. The startup company Puddingmedia thinks it’s got its fingers in the pie, but sorry to burst the bubble folks…we don’t like this dessert!

Puddingmedia has launched a public trial of the software on its Web site, Apparently they want to license its speech-recognition service to other companies that use Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP. Puddingmedia said it was talking to several possible partners but declined to name any.

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