Santa Monica Place Installs Camera Based ‘Find Your Car’ System For Absent Minded Shoppers

by ruchi

Everybody shares a love-hate relationship with sprawling parking spaces. You love it because you are assured of a parking space but hate it when it’s difficult to spot your car in the clutter. One of the biggest shopping hubs of California, Santa Monica Place, did something special for forgetful lads. It has installed a camera-based Find Your Car System which is increasingly becoming popular amongst users. The shopper has to simply punch in his license plate number into the kiosk touch screen and then the system will pull up an image of the car with its location. People are debating this system over issues of privacy and security. Say if somebody was following you or wanted to jinx you in some way, they could easily find your case through this system and vandalize it. If only the parking lot was laced with an array of 24/7 surveillance cameras and had some sync with police authorities, this system would have been just more than perfect. This will probably been a boon for ordinary people but celebrities might be little apprehensive to use the parking space at this mall.
[LosAngeles Times]

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