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Samsung Chalkboard TV up for pre-orders at $38,000!

by Gareth Mankoo

If you’re looking for a TV that’s not going to require an investment in a TV cabinet or require holes to be drilled into your gingerly painted wall, then you’re bound to spend on the TV itself. That’s just what the Samsung Chalkboard TV sounds like. The 85-inch TV set comes with the S9 UHD (Ultra HD) technology to show. So far the company has only rolled out 77 units of the screen. There are rumors that a 110-inch version of the chalkboard TV is on the horizon. You better have a big house before you dig into that fat wallet of yours.

The 85-inch Samsung Chalkboard TV is expected to come in for no less that $38,000 on pre-order. That’s about 40 million Korean Won! Any guesses on how much the 110-inch one would cost?


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