Robot with SOINN artificial brain now uses internet to learn new things

by Sayan Chakravarty

Scientist and researchers haven’t quite been successful in making robots that can think, act by itself and imitate proper human intelligence. But there is a lot of ongoing research on it, and a group of scientists from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan, are making progress by leaps and bounds. They are working on a technology called “Self-Organizing Incremental Neural Network” or SOINN, a robot with SOINN can think like a human, make educated guesses and act independently. And their recent attempt to introduce their machine learning algorithm to the internet has made it more intelligent. It now uses internet to learn and perform new tasks.

In an experiment, the system was fed with pictures of rickshaw taken in India, the system first recognised it as a “car” but when the system was given the keyword “rickshaw” it picked up vital info from the internet to learn about it. It is now able to recognize a rickshaw and decipher its characteristics. It might not sound much but it is a huge development and with the power of internet the robots learning ability becomes endless. It can keep learning in a non scripted scenario.

[Via – Diginfo]

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