Rest in peace with a Gundam gravestone watching over you for eternity

by Gavril Mankoo

Whoever said you can’t radiate your extreme nerdiness even after you’ve left for heavenly abode probably hasn’t had a look at this. Carved into being by a tombstone carving business in Yasu City, Japan, this one-of-a-kind tombstone is in all essence, a massive and colossal Gundam figure. The no-action figure is built to stand tall and guard your grave while you rest eternally, oblivious to the happenings of the world beyond your grave. Morbid as it may sound, we think this Gundam gravestone is simply awesome and is the perfect way to keep nosy bone-stealers away from graveyards.

Obviously, the gravestone is made of marble and assures to stand tall, in rain, snow and sunshine. Also, this Gundam doesn’t get bored easily and won’t walk away shortly after you’ve begun your way to the pearly gates. Instead, this one promises to be by your graveside for all eternity, until someone musters up the courage to move it away from your grave. With this, having intricately carved gothic angels as gravestones doesn’t sound all that cool and appealing anymore. We’d rather have a colossal Gundam watching our graves and amusing our nerdy friends for eternity instead.

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