Relive your favorite Star Wars moment with the Star Wars: Frames

by Shalu Pillai

Over the years Star Wars fans have devised a zillion ways to keep their characters alive, be it a Darth Vader Nutcracker or Disney’s Star Wars Vinylmation. For many of these fans, the series bring to memory several iconic moments including, Han Solo as he’s lowered into the carbon freezing chamber, or the look of redemption on the face of Anakin Skywalker as Luke removes his mask. Now, George Lucas has hand picked 1,416 such moments out of over one million frames of film to make the ‘Star Wars: Frames’: a celebration over six hardcover, leather-bound volumes — one for each film — measuring 11″ x 22″ each.

Limited to just 1,138 copies, each set costs $3000 and is packed in a handsome wood-inlaid box, with embossed medallions of Yoda and Vader on either side, and comes with a portfolio case with a bookplate signed by George Lucas himself.
Via – [Luxurylaunches]

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