Poop Powered Park Spark is Flaming Fantastic

by iona

As a bit of a Greeny, I love hearing about new inventions to protect our planet, and the Park Spark is no exception. Park Spark is an environmentally friendly lamp that uses dog poop to fuel its fire. The invention has been unveiled in a dog park in Cambridge, Mass., where there is certainly no shortage of poop power. The Park Spark is both lit by dog poop and lights up dog poop, so owners can see where and what to scoop. The way it works is: your pooch poops, you scoop the poop into a biodegradable bag, you pop the poop into a tube on the Park Spark and crank the poop so the stinky methane gases rise up and combust. Super pooptastic!

This invention could signal the end of shitty shoes and the beginning of eternal flames in dog parks worldwide.
Via – [Greenlaunches]

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