Pod safe security for your iPod

by Dhiram Shah

Your precious iPod continues to be grab the attention of all those roadside robbers and that is why you need to take carry extra protection with your so called “presence of mind”. The Pod Safe is a new iPod case cum lockbox designed to prevent those casual bouts of larceny it is a bit similar to the 007 USB Flash drive. It boasts a 4-digit rotary combination lock and made up of strengthened PolyCarbon ABS and featuring a user changeable four digit rotary combination lock. Albeit the iPod is locked, you can still listen to your favorite tunes. It may not serve to be a hardcore lock for protecting your gadget but it is sure to cause inconvenience and slow down anyone who tries to lay his dirty hands on your iPod.

It costs $40 and comes in 3 different models to cater for the iPod nano, the 5G iPod Video, and a travel case.

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