Plug and Play Cricket

by Dhiram Shah

Playing cricket with a joypad is a bit like playing tennis with an egg whisk. Radica has created Plug ‘n’ Play cricket an excruciatingly addictive plug ‘n’ play video game that allows you to swing and bowl your way to glory instead of a normal controller you can control the on-screen action with a realistic bat and ball. When it comes to batting, ultra-responsive motion sensors in the base console react to the timing and force of your swing. Simply stand a few feet away from the base unit and ‘wallop’ the ball. The ball is even more ingenious as you have to use a proper bowling movement (without letting go) to hurl the on-screen ball towards the batsmen. The degree of welly you use determines the speed of the ball, and the length of the throw is determined by a power bar that rises as your on-screen bowler runs up to the crease. But get this: the motion-sensitive ball also features a built-in directional pad and three buttons that determine spin and seam.

Thankfully fielding is automatic as you would want to leap in front of your TV. The Plug ‘n’ Play cricket is all yours for $ 75.

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