Pee Analyzer urinal makes sure you never drive home drunk from a bar

by Gavril Mankoo

Most bar hoppers can usually never tell when they’ve had too much to drink. This obviously is why we come across people swaying around, desperately trying to reach the front door while their bellies soaked with beer think otherwise. Recently, we came across a fascinating technology that’s innovative and could actually work in the real-world, keeping drunken drivers off streets and preventing accidents. Designed to work as a regular urinal, the Pee Analyzer has the added advantage of sensing a drunken patron and notifying the valet!

For the system to work, people visiting the bar are given an RFID parking pass when they drop their cars off at valet. The urinal uses a simple technique to measure the alcohol levels in a user’s urine. Also, an RFID reader in the loo recognizes users and if the alcohol level in ones urine clocks over the prescribed limit, the system records the same and suggests the user to take a cab home instead, with an eye-level display. When handing over the RFID pass back while collecting the parked car, the valet checks with the system for alcohol levels and offers a drive-home service or suggests the patron yet again to take a cab home!

[Via – Geekologie]

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