Panasonic Viera SV-ME70 waterproof portable LCD for watching TV in the bathroom

by Dhiram Shah

Panasonic Japan has announced the SV-ME70 and SV-ME75 portable LCD TV’s the only difference between the two is that the latter supports video recording. Targeting women in their 20’s the 5 inch LCD TV comes in white and pink and is designed specifically to work in the harsh kitchen environment. Not only can it withstand occasional water splashes you can also put it under a running tap, hell it even works underwater so you can use it in the bathroom without fear. The ME75 comes with a 1GB SD card slot which can record upto 30 minutes of TV programming. The onboard Lithium Ion battery is good enough for 2 hours 30 minutes of TV viewing. The unit measures 165×92.9×22.1mm and weighs 250 grams with the battery.

Both the models go on sale in Japan from June 20 with the Panasonic Viera SV-ME70 selling for 38,000 Yen ($ 380) and the SV-ME75 will sell for 45,000 Yen ($ 450).
Via – Gizmodiva

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