Panasonic RF-TJ10 a hand cranked device comes with a radio, torchlight and even charges your phone

by Gavril Mankoo

In disaster-struck areas around the world, communications systems usually fail first, with power failure. This usually causes a communication gap and those affected by the disaster are left guessing just what’s happening around them, with no complete access to real-time news. As a solution to this problem, Panasonic will unveil on the 30th of August a small device that will aide in communications and more during natural disasters or war.

Code named the RF-TJ10, this device will serve as a torch, a radio, a clock, a siren and a charger. With a hand-crank that allows users to manually juice up the device’s battery, in case an electricity socket is too far away or the power supply is shut off, this device also powers up with three AAA batteries. These come separately and can be swapped when out of juice, as and when required. The RF-TJ10 packs a built-in nickel-metal hydride rechargeable battery capacity of 300mAh and can charge up a smartphone with just enough energy for a 2 minute call, good enough in times of emergencies.


[Panasonic Japan]

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